Hussian Sajwani And DAMAC Is At The Top Of The Real Estate Market

Hussain Sajwani is one of the most successful property developers and real estate managers in all of the Middle East. Since 2002, Hussain has been the DAMAC owner and has risen the company to one of the largest construction firms in Dubai. His diverse business connections has also aided foreign investment into the UAE.

DAMAC Properties Dubai is a publicly traded company based in the UAE. The company has scored may contracts with intnerational companies, including a deal to buid Trump Tower.

Since Hussain Sajwani has such close ties to Donald Trump, it is no surprise that the Hussain Sajwani family and the Trump family get along so well. Both families will go out for dinners and golfing whenever the Trump family is in town. His family had also supported trump during multiple political rallies in the United States.

The Trump International Golf Club in Dubai is a successful project bringing in over $2 billion in sales from luxury properties. Now that Donald Trump is in office, he will no longer be able to business deals whilst in office. Hussian Sajwani still urges to continue business with his company under the supervision of his children.

Hussian Sajwani and his company DAMAC had also released even more premium property projects in Dubai. Golfotel will be a luxury apartment building surrounded by a golf course.

With its fiv-story structure, it will contain over 2,000 livable rooms. Many of the rooms will have a direct view of the Trump World Golf Club Dubai. Gyms, world class restaurants, swimming pools, shuttle services, concierge serives, and even more are included.

The hotel will also be close to two internationla airports and most of the town’s tourist attractions. The Arabian Travel Market 2017 recommends this as one of th ebest investment properties in Dubai. This is certainly one of the largest projects by Hussain and DAMAC.

The senior vice president, Niall McLoughlin, is very confident that investors will flock to this building sice it has a proximity to one of the best golf courses. Properties near international golf courses tend to have much higher investment returns.

The hyperactive rise in the tourism industry in Dubai makes it an ideal time to start buying properties. Vacation rentals for tourists and apartments for professionals are all needed at this point in time. Hussian Sajwani And DAMAC have invested a lot of time into this specific project, hoping that it will attract worldwide leaders to this booming city.

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