Ian King Shows How to Take Control of Money

Cryptocurrencies have been big news for the past few years. And in many ways it seems like this new form of currency came out of nowhere. But readers of Ian King’s articles should be well aware of crytocurrency. In large part because Ian King was one of the few people to see their value before they rose in popularity. In fact, one could argue that he’s one of the reasons that they’ve become mainstream. Visit stockgumshoe.com to know more.

To understand this, one needs to look at his role within Banyan Hill Publishing. He joined up with the prestigious institution in 2017. At this pint he had over twenty years of experience within the industry. But he had something else of great interest to Banyan Hill Publishing. Ian King had developed true expertise in a field that was just starting to come to people’s attention. This combination of traditional and innovative economics was exactly what Banyan Hill Publishing was after.

Since 2017 Ian King has been the company’s goto for cryptocurrency updates. One of the more notable things about King’s approach is that he’s not targeting any one group. For example, a recent piece looked at cryptocurrency from an absolute beginners perspective. But he’s also able to look at things from his own perspective. And in these cases he can write about the long term and more complex impact of these currencies.

Of courser this explains what he’s doing now. But one might also wonder what was so appealing about him to Banyan Hill back in 2017. It wasn’t long before that when people would hardly think he’d jump into uncertain waters. Some of his past was quite traditional.

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For example, he began as a desk clerk at Salomon Brother’s mortgage bond trading department. That launched him into Peahi Capital. Working at that well respected bond trading company also seems quite stable and traditional. However, his heart had always been with cryptocurrency. He’d even met with people trying to launch similar services. But he understood the market to the point of knowing they weren’t viable yet. But when bitcoin arrived he was poised to be among the first to really understand how well it hit every important point.

And thats the unique perspective he was able to bring to Banyan Hill. Not just someone who had expertise on this new technology. But someone who’d quite literally been an expert before the field had fully launched. Read more at Release Fact.

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