Julie Zuckerberg is highly motivated

Julie Zuckerberg is the Leading Talent Acquirer at Deutsche Bank, where she has earned quite a reputation. Julie is distinguished for her capability to work intimately with industry professionals in the private assets field and also the commerce side of administration. Julie is extraordinarily accomplished at flourishing successful corporate dialogue, including upper echelon executive offers that bring together corporation stakeholders. Julie’s tested counsel is frequently essential for employing qualified personnel and her staffing philosophy is recognized for having a deep impact on the aptitude of a company’s output prospect and frequently delivers an assortment of talented and assorted staff.


She also has extensive experience working as an Executive Recruiter, before rising to the rank of Leading Talent Acquirer. Julie has also thrived under the esteemed title of Vice President during her employment at Deutsche Bank. While there, her skills were focused on administrating imperative associations with elite industry firms to shape an extremely valuable group of proficient workers. Julie has also created associations with a copious amount of commerce connections to better manage the hiring procedure to hire competent employees. This is essential for filling imperative positions such as Provincial Administration & US Conformity, as well as Investor Relations, among others.


Julie Zuckerberg is known for possessing a wealth of competent business knowledge and experience. Julie has served as Director of Candidate Placement while employed at the company Hudson Global Resources. This was her first professional employment back in 2002. While employed at the Hudson for a period of 5 years, Julie brought into the company a plethora of legal groups and experienced management employees for a variety of well known firms. This influx of personnel helped to fill a range of positions. When Julie left the Hudson, she committed her experience to Citi Global. It was here that Julie executed the responsibilities of the Executive Recruiter. This allowed her the freedom to make use of superior avenues of hiring employees via online sources, benefiting from social media advertisements as well as through direct sourcing. These are only some of the priceless and tremendously inspired avenues of gathering qualified personnel that Julie utilized. Julie displays a capability to organize several tasks and while working at Citi Global, a well known consumer bank, Julie served as corporate V.P. Julie’s more fascinating duties incorporated the moving of new personnel through immigration and repatriation.


Julie Zuckerberg’s knowledge obtained while working as a V.P. at N.Y. Life Insurance, imbued her with the skill to handle the hiring procedures to maximize available positions with competent faculty.


While outside of the company setting, she is happily located in New York, concentrating on numerous endeavors from industrial innovations, cooking, running, volunteering for charity organizations and taking photographs.



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