Kamil Idris Has Advice for Companies Regarding Their Intellectual Property

Former World Intellectual Property Director General, Kamil Idris, recently opened up on his thoughts about protecting intellectual property across international borders in a global economy. Kamil starts out by making clear that intellectual property is an invaluable resource for economic development and is relevant for all countries. It is necessary for there to be a commitment on the part of individual governments regarding intellectual property in order for it to be enforceable at an international level. There are particular pitfalls regarding intellectual property and globalization in regard to patent applications. These can fall prey to counterfeiting and piracy. Massive improvements in communication globally in recent decades also add to the challenge of protecting intellectual property. Kamil points out that piracy of copyrighted material has gone up dramatically. He believes the WIPO treaty on copyrights is a huge step in the right direction of combatting this trend. Kamil also references the TRIPS Agreement and the fact that it puts out a standard for enforcement of intellectual property rights that need to be complied by from both parties in a transaction. He thinks it is fine for individual countries to put their own strict laws in place regarding intellectual property protection, so long as the laws remain in balance.


Kamil Idris has commentary on practices companies can adhere to in order to protect their intellectual property. He stresses that all companies must exercise caution and do their homework when deciding on technology transfer agreements on an international level. A company should always work with partners that they trust and draw up carefully constructed contracts regarding agreements. Disputes over transfers of technology are becoming a more frequent occurrence with globalization so the writing of quality contracts between parties is absolutely the best practice. A good contract should anticipate disputes arising and stipulate how they are to be resolved quickly.


Former WIPO Director and current International Court of Arbitration and Mediation (ICAM) President Kamil Idris is a world-leading authority on the protection of intellectual property. He has a trusted reputation into all matters related to IP. Kamil was born in Sudan and holds a PhD from Geneva University in International Law.

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