Louis Chenevert at United Technologies Corporation (UTC)

Louis Chenevert is a successful chairman behind the success of United Technologies Corporation (UTC). He implemented different initiatives which lead the company to a great success. UTC being involved in technology; the chairman knows the right investment in the latest technology will set them apart. He initiated different projects at the company which led to introduction of new materials which employ the latest technology. Before becoming the chairman and CEO of UTC, Louis Chenevert has worked in other areas where he achieved great results. Some of the traits of the chairman which makes him achieve great success include the following:

High negotiation skills

He took more than one year to negotiate a deal with Goodrich which was worth more than $18.4
billion. He is among few professionals who are ready to employ high level of patience provided he can achieve what is right for his company. From the negotiations, he relied on technical skills from the industry. There are many successes which has been attributed to the chairman. He is among few people who are committed to make a difference in the technology world. The company has expanded to create employment to many people in the United States. Read more about Louis Chenevert at Daily Forex Report.

He has worked in several top performing organizations

Apart from UTC, the chairman has worked in general motors among other areas. He has shown high capability in innovating within different areas as a way of trying to achieve great success. There are many ways in which the UTC has achieved great success which can be attributed to the ability of the chairman to make the right decisions. The introduction of materials which can withstand high temperatures made it possible for the company to introduce GTF engine. The engine promises great achievements in the industry. For example, the introduction of the engine promises to realize great savings on fuel. It delivers more power which makes it suitable for the military jets. Emissions are highly reduced due to the introduction of the engines.

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Development of advanced materials

The company—through research initiated by Louis Chenevert—came up with the latest technology, which made it possible to manufacture quality materials used in different technology gadgets manufacturing. Apart from the company making quality jet engines, they have a wide range of other products such as actuators, sensors among other maters which employ the latest technology. The chairman knows for the company to succeed, it should diversify in its products. They provide a wide range of products which makes them achieve great success when it comes to diversification.

Investing in new innovations and in the people

At UTC, they invest in employs education as well as research. It is an initiative which was introduced by Louis Chenevert as a way of trying to improve service delivery at the company. They sponsor employees for them to attend training in different universities spread across the United States. The education and research makes it possible for the company to have highly skilled employees who make it possible for them to remain on top of the industry as far as introducing new products to the market is concerned. Read more about Louis at crunchbase.com.

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