Luscious EOS Lip Balm Flavors for Velvety, Sensual Lips

The exceedingly attractive and beneficial features of Evolution of Smooth or EOS lip balms have led to a huge global fan base. People adore many of the lip balm flavors based on the pleasant fragrances, appealing aesthetics and styles as well as delightful essences. Apart from this, EOS lip balms have gained their popularity for providing its users with plump, deeply hydrated lips at very reasonable prices. EOS lip balms are commended for being created with the finest ingredients that are natural, gluten-free and organic. These ingredients consist of numerous nourishing oils and vitamins making it ideal for users with various allergies.

Favorite EOS Lip Balm Flavors of All Times

EOS lip balm range in six main categories that constitute of the organic smooth spheres, multipacks, visibly soft smooth spheres, organic smooth sticks, shimmer smooth spheres and active protection smooth spheres. At present times, the four most selling flavors are the pomegranate raspberry, blueberry acai and passion fruit from the smooth sphere lip balm range as well as coconut milk from the visibly soft lip balm range. The organic smooth spheres humidify and soften damaged lips so that they become gorgeously smooth. The visibly soft range fills the lips with natural sustaining nutrients so that users obtain distinctive elegant, soft lips. The products are available online via eBay or the exclusive website. Also see,

The Advancement of EOS Lip Balms

Evolution of Smooth was co-founded in 2008 by its current global vice president, Sherry Jhawar. This company had a distinguishable growth within the product line of lip balms for its signature aesthetics, flavors and aromas making it a heartfelt product for all consumers on a global scale. The dome shaped signature aesthetics of the EOS lip balms had gained a positive response as soon as it was first introduced in the market. People also adored the natural, organic ingredients that deliver ultimate lip care and have a positive environmental impact.



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