Meet Dr. Walden: The Texas Female Cosmetic Surgeon

It is essential to have a look that you feel proud of every day of your life. Everyone has their flaws, and there are two options for handling them, allowing them to affect you for the rest of your life or undergo cosmetic surgery and fix them. Many people are afraid of the latter for no valid reasons and live feeling inadequate for the rest of their life. Dr. Walden a cosmetic surgery advises the potential patients of the process to overcome their fears and get help.

Dr. Walden has been a cosmetic surgery for eight years. She says that there are very few women in the cosmetic world. She attributes the rarity of women in the field with the many years one has to study before becoming a certified cosmetic surgeon. She says that many women find this education a delay to getting hitched and childbearing, which many are not ready to delay. She also says that the culture in the field is tough and one has to keep proving their validity as a woman.

Dr. Walden says that out of the 8100 qualified surgeons in the state, only 810 are women. Out of the 810, only 180 of the female cosmetic surgeons are members of the leading cosmetic board of certified organization: American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and only a dozen of the 180 live in Texas.

As much as this may seem scary, it is not all bad and has some positives. Dr. Walden says that of the 91% patients who undergo augmentation are women. These women are not trying to look like a doll but to eliminate part of their body that is saggy and disturbing to keep fit. Some develop the changes after natural processes like childbirth. The patients feel it would be better to be attended by a fellow woman who understands the body changes.

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