Milan Kordestani, Has A Vision

A good question to ask anyone is; what were you doing in your sophomore year? Many individuals will answer how they were trying to get fake ID’s or trying to get that girl across the street. However, there is one individual who epitomizes what being successful and honest means. His name is Milan Kordestani.

The young man was born less than 2 decades ago in Stanford in the State of California. Here he attended the Philips Brooks Elementary School, this was before his parents divorced. This forced the young lad to relocate to England, where he settled in London in 2009. In London Milan, Kordestani attended a prestigious school better known to the world of academics as Eaton Square School. His academic life took another sharp bend in 2010. Milan Kordestani relocated to Bay Area where he attended high school. It was not until 7 years later in 2017 he graduated from high school.

The academic life of Milan Kordestani but he never stopped shining in other fields. One of those fields that he has excelled is in the field of horse riding. He has achieved a lot of accolades in this field. Some of the achievements in his career include winning the triple crown in the first leg in 2015. He managed this fit with the help of his horse CH His Supreme Reflection. The same year he achieved a top-four finish at the Worlds Championship Horse Show. He went on to again record success in 2016 when he improved to second place in the World Championship Horse Show.

However, Milan Kordestani has made strides in other fields. This stride was in Agriculture. In his sophomore year, the young lad created the Milan Farms.

This was an innovative idea that focused primarily on the production of Poultry, especially chicken, eggs and lastly high-quality saffron. The company has been able to connect with other farms across the country, selling and leveraging the Milan Farms identity.

The Milan Farm identity has grown to be a recognizable brand, especially across the west coast. In fact, Milan Farm is the first farm to organically grow Saffron hydroponically.


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