NGP VAN Brings The Political Candidate Into Public Focus

The purpose of NGP VAN is to promote its clients through technology. Its clients are progressives and Democratic candidates. NGP VAN will also work with nonprofits and municipalities by organizing fundraising campaigns and other promotional events. Therefore, its clients outsource their organizational needs, which includes rallies, to NGP VAN. Essentially, NGP VAN’s clients provide the ideas and hopeful outcomes, and NGP VAN works through the noise to put into effect their client’s expectations.

NGP VAN has developed proprietary technology, software programs to achieve their client’s strategic goals, employing social media, to influence and educate the public to follow such issues as climate change, reproductive rights, education, and equality. NGP VAN’s ultimate goal is to reinforce progressive positions or to change peoples minds. Both President Obama and Senator Elizabeth Warren have benefited from employing NGP VAN powerful licensed software.

NGP VAN thrusts their clients into the public space through the use of the campaign rally. The questions raised by NGP VAN are:

* What is the right rally for the client?
* How do you plan for the details?
* What are good ways to advertise the event?
* How do you achieve grassroots enthusiasm?

The rally is to seek press coverage, build enthusiasm, to energize the supporters, develop and increase name recognition by introducing the candidate or organization to the public. The rally is a good start but is most useful in the last two weeks of the campaign because the public’s memory of the candidate must be actively stimulated.

Planning for the location of a rally is critical either in front of a local area such as a business owned by a supporter. One useful site is at a place that the candidate is promotion such as a school if the candidate supports teachers. It is essential that the rally has a good sound system and visuals are shown such as campaign sings. The candidate’s speech should be succinct raising the significant issues referred to as “talking points”.

The most successful rally will produce volunteers which encourages “grassroots” activities promoting door to door advertising and answering questions about the candidate’s point of view.

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