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Cancer is among the top causes of death, and more than 6.7 million people die due to it. Cancer can be difficult to deal with, and it is not just the person infected who gets affected but their loved ones too. Billions of dollars are being spent on cancer treatment and researches to help find a definitive treatment for it. Along with it, people need to be educated about the different advancement in cancer research so that they are not afraid to try a new treatment procedure. One such journal that covers different oncology news and medical researches is Oncotarget and read full article.

Oncotarget was set up in 2010 and since then have published numerous articles explaining the different cancer-related studies being conducted and their results. It publishes weekly medical journals. The chief editors of the journals are the famous Andrei V. Gudkov and Mikhail Blagosklonny and more information click here. The journal aims to reach the audience and educate them about anything and everything related to cancer. Since modern methods are being used in the research, there is a greater need for communicating it to the community. Friends and families of people with cancer use Oncotarget as a reference and to learn more about the symptoms and treatment and learn more about Oncotarget.

One of the top articles published in Oncotarget is about the e-cigarettes destroying the smoker’s gums. Another article talks about research on the different drugs used for cancer treatment causing weight loss in patients. Also, new modern elements being used in today’s cancer treatments open up new possibilities of treatment. Most people would not know about these if it was not Oncotarget taking the initiative. Oncotarget makes its articles readily available to people as their only aim is to educate people and not earn money. The articles can also be printed if needed by the users for their reference and Oncotarget on Facebook.

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