Andrew Rolfe’s Allegiance To Ubuntu Fund

The name Andrew Rolfe is known in many nations across the world due to his captivating history in the business field. Andrew Rolfe attended the University of Oxford where he graduated with a degree in B.A. He proceeded to the Harvard Business School where he earned his M.B.A. He has an excellent reputation at the global level, and this has given him unmatched experience in his line of duty. The past of Mr. Rolfe has seen him serve in many companies at the very senior position. This makes him very popular, and many companies depend on him either directly or indirectly for business advice. Rolfe has acquired vast experience in all of his service. All the companies he has served in the past have a clean record. As a result, he is one of the most senior leaders in the entire world as much as business management is concerned. Andrew Rolfe has interacted with very famous companies as well as individuals.

Rolfe is the powerful chairman of a nonprofit organization that deals with community health, social welfare as well as an education organization. The company is called Ubuntu Education Fund which has extended its wings to the township of Zwide, Port Elizabeth as well as South Africa. The company was founded by Jacob Lief. Rolfe Andrew’s academic qualifications, as well as vast experience in the past year, made him the perfect choice to occupy the chairman position in this company. His service to Ubuntu organization has played a significant role in marketing his leadership experience. This positions him as an icon across the entire world. Effective leadership to a nonprofit company like Ubuntu is a clear indication that Andrew bears a generous heart and character. He is very faithful to his cause, and this has seen him serve Ubuntu organization diligently and honestly. He has demonstrated a real sense of capability as well as responsibility. His services to Ubuntu have played a significant role in helping the organization realize its goal. The organization has been so relevant in helping communities as well as individual people. The organization’s reputation has a parallel relationship with Andrew’s reputation.

José Borghi Explains How Smartphones are changing the Retail Industry

Currently, the world is experiencing digital revolution where companies like Airbnb and Uber have emerged through technological innovations. These companies use mobile applications, and are currently doing very well on organic search rankings. These rankings are used to estimate the value of a brand, as explained by José Borghi of Mullen Lowe Brasil. The increasing demand of Smartphones on the market has played a critical role of enhancing e-commerce, says CEO of Mullen Lowe ad agency, José Henrique Borghi. This has been made possible because these devices have applications that allow customers to purchase products or services much faster and easier. These are features that majority of consumers are looking for when choosing alternative methods of shopping.

In 2015, a study conducted by Criteo revealed that sales of items through Smartphones and tablets accounted for over 50% of all online sales, noted José Borghi. Majority of consumers of e-commerce highlighted brands related to fashion as their main focus. For instance in the U.S., online sale of clothing and other accessories using these devices was approximately 40% of the entire online sales on the market. José Henrique Borghi believes the e-commerce industry will continue to grow in future, especially in the sale of mobile devices and accessories. He further urged retailers and brands to identify this trend and find efficient ways of adapting it.

About Advertising Expert José Borghi

Mr. Borghi is a prominent Brazilian advertising expert who began his career from scratch. After several years of hard work, Borghi has emerged as one of the most respected ad professionals in Brazil and abroad. He studied Advertising and Propaganda at PUC Campinas, He began his career in 1989 and worked for several Brazilian ad agencies until he co-founded BorghiErh after partnering with Erh Ray. After several years of restructuring and partnership, the agency is now called Mullen Lowe.

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Renown Health is Expanding Their Primary Care Clinics to Also Serve South Reno

Renown Health has recently announced that they will be expanding their network to include a primary care clinic in The Summit Mall located in South Reno. This 10,000 square foot clinic will provide employment to 11 staff members with the intention to add an additional nurse practitioner and primary care physician at the facility in the near future. This clinic is designed to give patients a more home-like environment to make them feel comfortable and relaxed during their visit.

Personnel from MSA Engineering Consultants, Forbes Engineering and Eric Fong of MBA Architects + Interior Design handled all aspects from design and architecture to construction, plumbing, and electrical engineering. This new clinic in South Reno will be the 13th Renown Health primary care clinic to open. 12 others are already operational in Carson City, Fallon, Fernley and the Reno-Sparks area.

Renown Health is based out of Northern Nevada and is the largest locally owned healthcare network in the area recognized as a not-for-profit organization. Renown Health was originally known as Washoe Health System which was founded in 1862. The health care network currently employees over 5,500 employees making Renown Health one of the largest employers in the region. Click here to know more.

The Renown Regional Medical Center located in Reno achieved the highest rating possible for 3 procedures or conditions according to the U.S. News analysis of over 5,000 hospitals nationwide. Aside from the Regional Medical Center, the Renown Health network of hospitals also includes South Meadows Medical Center, Children’s Hospital, and the Renown Rehabilitation Hospital.

Accomplished Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Greg Finch Practices Advances in Spinal Surgery

Orthopedic surgery is considered as an area of health that involves the skeletal system. Patients will commonly complain of pain associated with the lower back or otherwise known as lumbar pain. This type of pain can lead to a patient requiring surgery of the inter-vertebral disc which lies between the vertebrae and the vertebrae column. Using a magnetic resonance image (MRI), orthopedic surgeons are able to specifically determine the area of treatment necessary and if surgery needs to occur.

Within each disc formation there is a fibrocartilaginous joint. The primary role of each disc is to operate as if it were a shock absorber which is crucial to help absorb the movement of the vertebrae column.

Lumbar decompression surgery becomes a paramount procedure when the disc become degenerative or they are moved in a way that causes significant pain to a patient. The objective of the surgery is to relieve the back pain which is typically related to a pinched nerve root.

Lumbar fusion is more related to the movement of the vertebrae. The surgery consists of bone grafts in order to stop the movement of the vertebrae and decrease the pain produced by the joint. The methods chosen by an orthopedic surgeon varies for completing lumbar fusion surgery; including posterolateral gutter fusion, anterior or posterior fusion, and minimally invasive procedures.

Dr. Greg Finch is a subject matter expert as an orthopedic surgeon in the knowledge of spinal surgery. He specializes in non-invasive surgery, and he has conducted countless spinal revision and reconstruction surgeries. Dr. Greg Finch has extensive knowledge in the treatment and technological advancements in disc herniation surgery, spinal stenosis and spinal decompression.

Dr. Greg Finch is partnered with Australian Spine Society and the Australian Orthopaetic Association. Both organizations bridge the knowledge of orthopedic surgeons such as Dr. Greg Finch and advance the awareness of further research in orthopedic health.

Equities First Is a Company That Is Providing a Myriad of Benefits To Its Borrowers

Equities First is a loan provider that’s been renowned for helping both businesses and individuals who have a high net-worth. Unfortunately, high net-worth individuals often have trouble with obtaining loans. Equities First realizes that they are a group of individuals who are probably the most capable of paying off the loan amounts that they request within the terms/time limits of the contracts that they sign. If you happen to be a high net-worth individual who is wanting to obtain a loan that is considered non-purpose, please don’t hesitate to contact one of the service assistant professionals of Equities First, as they’ll be more than happy to assist you in your endeavors of borrowing the amount(s) of capital that you need.

A non-purpose loan is one that utilizes securities as a form of capital. Proceeds that are obtained from the loan are utilized for the purposes of purchasing things that are not additional securities. An individual may prefer non-purpose loans over regular loans due to the lower interest rates that they are offered in. Non-purpose loans aren’t subject to margin requirements as ordinary margin loans are known to be.

If you are a business own who is seeking to borrow capital, then it may be important for you to know what the different things may be that you may be able to utilize the loan amount(s) for. You may seek to borrow capital to fund additional ventures that are correlated to the business that you are seeking to borrow capital for, you may purchase click here equipment/tools/machinery to assist you with operating the business, you may even be able to borrow money to keep as a form of emergency funds. Whichever your case may be, it’s highly imperative for you to explain to a loan specialist what you are planning to do. Contact a representative for the lending company of Equities First today. They’re always ready to help.

ClassDojo: Parents’ New Reprieve in Education

Recently ClassDojo managed to raise $21 million in a drive that they seek to acquire funding for the development of the technology the helps parents connect with their student’s educators. ClassDojo makes it possible for parents to monitor the activities of their children in school together with behavioral development and the social activities in school. This app enables parents to get in touch quite often with the teachers without necessarily having a one on one meeting all these is made possible by the new technology.


ClassDojo was founded in the year 2011 by Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary with the company having its headquarters in San Francisco. According to the available description, ClassDojo has been described as a platform that brings together a teacher, a student and a parent making it easier for the parties to share what is happening in school. ClassDojo is basically an educational tool that enables the sharing of messages, videos and photos while students are at home or while at school.


ClassDojo has quite a big team comprising educators, engineers and designers among many others. The dream team has quite an in depth knowledge and understanding in their respective fields to enable the company launch the best product into the market. The company has been named as being among the fastest growing educational technology companies in the world. Currently the app is used by close to 85000 parents and has received a positive feedback from those who have used it.


The founders of ClassDojo are not making revenue at the moment from the app, they have said that plans are underway to have the creation of premium features together with content where parents would be required to pay for the services in order to use them. They hold the opinion that privacy is of much concern considering that children are involved and thus having revenue through data from the users of the app will lead to privacy breaches.


Parents will be able to get daily schedule of activities that would be taking part in school while also receiving latest student’s work together with participation in activities. ClassDojo will basically revolutionize the education sector by providing parents with an opportunity to follow the development of their children in school from whatever place they are through the technological app.


The founders of the company have brought other people on board so that the app can have other features where parents would be able to pay for their students utilities like lunches and field trips via mobile phones.

Susan McGalla Advises Working Women Of Today

PR Newswire first reported this published account of Susan McGalla;s advice for working women in the world. Women can do things to make their lives ore fulfilling, and they can advance their careers to make more money. However, there are many ways for women to make the most of their own lives. These lives will change if women are following the parameters set down by Susan McGalla.


Ignore The Glass Ceiling


When ladies are met with the glass ceiling, they need to make sure that they are ignoring that glass ceiling. The rare man that still thinks women should be paid less for their work can be circumvented to make sure that women can get the best career for them. Without these changes, women are going to be met with challenges that will alter the way they pursue their careers.


Stay Confident


Most women are trying to come to a job that they are going to love every day. However, it is easier for people to get ahead in their careers when they are really confident. Women who exude confidence are going to get more at work. They are going to make more money, get more promotions and be more respected by their coworkers.


Get More Degrees


Women can get more education at home because they can go to school online. A woman will be able to get her education even if she is staying home with her kids, and she will be able to change the way that she can pursue her own career. Women can even get advanced careers online and use those degrees to teach classes if they like.


When a woman follows these same pieces of advice, she will be able to use this advice to make her life more rewarding at home or at work.


Karl Heideck, When Brotherly Love Fails

Karl Heideck of Philadelphia, PA
Karl Heideck of Philadelphia, PA

A litigator is simply someone who brings or defends a lawsuit. There are several area that a litigator could work such as personal injury, real estate, or contracts. They could also work for law firms, government agencies or businesses. In order to be a litigator one must earn a bachelor’s degree, a Juris Doctor degree and then pass a state bar exam.

Litigation is the last stop in a dispute, necessary when all other avenues have been exhausted. First, a suit is filed and a summons is sent to the defendant. The two sides will try to reach a settlement out of court but if that is not possible it will go to trial. During the trial evidence and witness will be presented. Finally, a judge or jury will pass judgment.

Karl Heideck is a good example of a successful litigator. Heideck earned his bachelor’s degree in English and Literature at Swarthmore College. From there he completed his Juris Doctor, with honors, at Templeton University’s Beasley School of Law. His education in English has become invaluable for Heideck as it improved his ability to negotiate and settle disputes.

He currently serves the Philadelphia area having accumulating 10 years of experience in his home state of Pennsylvania. Heideck covers all areas of litigation both filing complaints as well as responding to complaints. He is a versatile attorney as well practicing different types of law that include family, business, real estate, criminal, and insurance. Karl Heideck, a rising star, is set to move into private practice in the near future.


Equities First- AU is Offering Opportunities For High Net-Worth Individuals and Business Owners

If you’re a high net-worth individual and are seeking a lender who may be able to provide you with opportunities of obtaining a non-purpose loan, please contact a loan agent of Equities First- AU today. You may find that the interest rates that they offer on their loan terms are some of the lowest in today’s market. It’s important for potential borrowers to know exactly what a non-purpose loan is. A non-purpose loan is one that consists of lenders utilizing securities borrowers have as forms of collateral. The proceeds from loans are used to purchase things that are not additional securities themselves. A person may prefer non-purpose loans over ordinary installment loans due to the lower interest rates that are offered on them.

If you’re a business owner who is wanting to purchase additional assets, such as equipment, tools, machinery, or even building(s) but don’t have the amount of capital that would enable you to make such investment(s), please feel free to apply for a loan today. Equities First- AU is a loan provider that has a rather quick and easy application process in which applicants often receive answers regarding whether they’ve been approved or rejected in a quick turnaround time. It is recommended for you to not waste your time applying for a loan through a lender that has not necessarily been rated too well by their past borrowers. By conducting a bit of your own researching, you may find that Equities First- AU is an organization that’s been rated rather positively among the borrowing community. Should you have any questions about Equities First and the loan types that they provide, it may be of value for you to know that the website has been specifically engineered and designed to make navigation within it easy. Contact a loan agent today, as they are always eager to assist.

Lori Senecal: CEO of Global Company

Lori Senecal is a prominent business leader in the United States business platform. Lori Senecal is also known for his strong personality in the business industry, according to her, business should be valued and treated with respect. For this reason, those who are not willing to engage in business, they must work hard to activate business ordeals in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. When it comes to the development of strong adverts and marketing strategies, Lori Senecal is one of the most respected experts. As a matter of fact, he is also one of the most sought business leaders in the industry. When her credibility in the industry grew, he was promoted to become the next business leader in Global. In the end, he became the CEO of the company.

Lori Senecal has always struggled to illuminate the business world with her advancements in advertisement and marketing. Lori Senecal is considered as the most technical advertiser in the country. Lori Senecal always struggles to avoid the comfort zone, because comfort is the product of failure and loss, she always strikes a deal with herself to stay away from comfort especially when it approaches business time. According to his success rates, he has always wanted to become the best business leader in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. For her to succeed in these strategies, his business deals have been amassed in working solutions.

Lori Senecal is also the youngest in her family. While she was young, her advantage came by working for business ideas. She has always struggled to become a business leader in the working solutions. Lori Senecal received lots of attention as a challenge. She is also working to activate business leaders in working solutions. Lori Senecal has helped major brands in a way that activates better business deals. If you are working to gain more money, you can also struggle with better business deals in the industry. Lori Senecal is a graduate of the McGill University based in the United States. When she completed her education, she started working with world class organizations like Coca-Cola. Check out the website

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