NGP VAN Brings The Political Candidate Into Public Focus

The purpose of NGP VAN is to promote its clients through technology. Its clients are progressives and Democratic candidates. NGP VAN will also work with nonprofits and municipalities by organizing fundraising campaigns and other promotional events. Therefore, its clients outsource their organizational needs, which includes rallies, to NGP VAN. Essentially, NGP VAN’s clients provide the ideas and hopeful outcomes, and NGP VAN works through the noise to put into effect their client’s expectations.

NGP VAN has developed proprietary technology, software programs to achieve their client’s strategic goals, employing social media, to influence and educate the public to follow such issues as climate change, reproductive rights, education, and equality. NGP VAN’s ultimate goal is to reinforce progressive positions or to change peoples minds. Both President Obama and Senator Elizabeth Warren have benefited from employing NGP VAN powerful licensed software.

NGP VAN thrusts their clients into the public space through the use of the campaign rally. The questions raised by NGP VAN are:

* What is the right rally for the client?
* How do you plan for the details?
* What are good ways to advertise the event?
* How do you achieve grassroots enthusiasm?

The rally is to seek press coverage, build enthusiasm, to energize the supporters, develop and increase name recognition by introducing the candidate or organization to the public. The rally is a good start but is most useful in the last two weeks of the campaign because the public’s memory of the candidate must be actively stimulated.

Planning for the location of a rally is critical either in front of a local area such as a business owned by a supporter. One useful site is at a place that the candidate is promotion such as a school if the candidate supports teachers. It is essential that the rally has a good sound system and visuals are shown such as campaign sings. The candidate’s speech should be succinct raising the significant issues referred to as “talking points”.

The most successful rally will produce volunteers which encourages “grassroots” activities promoting door to door advertising and answering questions about the candidate’s point of view.

The Ultra-Successful Dr. David Samadi

The Career History & Background of Dr. David Samadi

Without a doubt, the medical industry is one of the most challenging fields to be a part of. No matter what level of status a professional in the medical field has, it is safe to assume that they face a level of demand that other professionals do not. For one, we have to take into consideration factors such as time, money, and overall sacrifice that is needed for individuals in this field to succeed. On that fact alone, we can see why plenty of people seek other opportunities in the workforce that is not apart of this field. Needless to say, it takes certain individuals with certain skills to have success in the medical industry. In addition to this, it is also worth mentioning that once a professional get a start in this field, it is extremely difficult to work their way up. With that said, this is crucial to understand because it allows us to acknowledge the hard-working professionals in this field on another scale. Also, while there have been many successful medical professionals, maybe none have been as accomplished and as recognized as Dr. David Samadi. Not only has Dr. David Samadi reached the top of his profession but, he has done it in a way that other professionals in his field could not. SO, to get a better sense of what he does and how he has made a name for himself as a professional here is more on the current state of Dr. David Samadi.

More on Dr. David Samadi & Current State as a Professional

As alluded to before, there are numerous ways Dr. David Samadi has reached the top of his field. By being diversifying career knowledge, Dr. David Samadi has gained a vast understanding of many parts of the medical industry. However, above everything, Dr. David Samadi has made a name for himself as a prominent urologist in the medical field. His skills in this area have carried him a long ways towards the top. Currently, Dr. David Samadi has the position as the Chairman of Urology and Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital. Having a position only fit for truly skilled professionals such as him, this is just one of many ways Dr. David Samadi has proven to be the best in his area of expertise. There is no doubt that he will continue to succeed in the near future.

About Dr. David Samadi:

Tony Petrello

Anthony Petrello is also known as Tony G. Petrello. Petrello is the current Chief Executive Officer and the President of Nabors Industries. He is also the Chairman of the same company.

Nabors Industries Company is the most extensive natural gas drilling and geothermal dealer in the globe. The Company operates in various places such as Africa, Middle East, Far East and the United States.

Mr. Anthony Petrello studied bachelors of Science in Mathematics and Master of Science in mathematics at Yale University. He also received his J.D degree from Harvard University School of Law. After studies, Tony became a member of Baker & McKenzie Law Firm where he started his career journey.

Tony Petrello enrolled into Nabors Industries in the year 1991 where he was tasked with the role of the Chief Operating Officer. He was promoted to the part of the President of the same firm in the following year. Tony worked hard in his position helping Nabors Industries to rise and achieve various goals. His hard work paid off in the year 2003 when he was appointed the company’s Deputy Chairman. He was later promoted the role of the Chief Executive Officer in 2011 and Chairman of the enterprise in 2012.

Anthony Petrello has always been known as a man with a very caring personality. He is one of the oil officials who has stood out of the notion that people have about them. Most people view oil executives as greedy folks. They have been recognized for their humanitarian actions, particularly in the Houston area. Tony continued to develop his philanthropic efforts especially when his daughter was born prematurely. He has shown a generous assertiveness in helping open-handed organizations.

Tony and his spouse Cynthia have stood with their daughter Carena who was diagnosed with a neurological illness. Carena’s disorder affects her walking, speech, and feeding. Her brain took long to recognize the chewing pattern. She had to repeat chewing pattern more than a million times. Tony and his family have committed themselves to donations for the researchers with an expectation that scientist will get a cure for their daughter. Carena has shown an attitude of kindness towards every person she meets. This positive attitude inspires her parents, Tony and Cynthia. Carena’s parents noticed that there was a research amenity in their neighborhood, Texas Children’s Home that has a team of dedicated doctors who are committed to treat Carena.

Anthony Petrello is a native of Newark in New Jersey but later moved to Houston after quitting his job.


Larkin and Lacey Fault Trumps Controversial Pardon of Arpaio

The two Phoenix Times owners and journalists continue to show their unrelenting spirit in fighting impunity and infringement of the rights of immigrants.

Larkin and Lacey aren’t giving up anytime soon if the latest comments by the journalist about Trump’s pardon action of Joe Arpaio are anything to go by. The two journalists, who once sued the rogue former Arizona Sheriff, continue to fault the system and the illegal actions of people in senior positions.

The case about Arpaio’s looming sentencing following his contempt of court orders in 2007 was nipped in the bud when President Trump decided to invoke his constitutional power of pardon to let the beleaguered former Arizona County Sheriff off the hook.

District Judge Susan R Bolt validated Trump’s pardon of the former sheriff in a ruling that rubbed those that endured Arpaio’s excesses the wrong way. Mr. Joe Arpaio was pardoned just in time to prevent his sentencing that was coming in a couple of weeks.

Brief Summary of Larkin and Lacey’s History

Larkin and Lacey became popular journalists when they started the Phoenix times shortly after they dropped out of Arizona State University. The two were, particularly, critical of the way the then County Sheriff Joe Arpaio ran the affairs of the county and handled immigrants of Latino origin. They always put Joe Arpaio on the spot over suspected corrupt deals that took place under his charge as the county sheriff.

The journalists ran the Phoenix Times which had become a force to reckon with in Arizona and beyond. They were courageous and fearless in their reporting of the graft by senior authorities.

Their stance against breaking the law and infringing on the rights of immigrants in Arizona County earned them some enemies at the helm of the county security management. In the fall of 2007, the two journalists were rounded up by Joe Arpaio’s men and handcuffed.

They were in their apartments when the arrests occurred. They were not immediately told what crime they had committed, but they were hauled into the cells anyway. Soon, word went round about the illegal arrests of Larkin and Lacey. There were demonstrations all over town, with people demanding the release of the two.

The journalists had to be released. Arpaio had no option. This time, it looked like he had bitten more than he could chew. Larkin and Lacey filed a suit against Mr. Joe Arpaio claiming wrongful arrest and infringement of their rights and freedoms. The court in Arizona ruled in favor of the journalists and directed. Read more: Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

d the county sheriff to pay the journalists over $3.7 million in damages. Larkin and Lacey have dismissed the pardon action by Trump as a classic regrouping of brothers in crime. Mr. Lacey termed the action as a true union of two crooks.

Championing the Cause

Soon after Larkin and Lacey were awarded the amount to be paid by Joe Arpaio, they set up an organization they named The Frontera Fund. The fund is meant to help immigrants who were subject to abuse by authorities and whose rights were infringed. The fund also helped out with paperwork and representation in lawsuits.

The Frontera Fund is a visionary initiative that was founded with funds paid by the lead oppressor of the rights of the minorities in Arizona. Larkin and Lacey say that the misplaced and bad spirited pardon of Arpaio by Trump will not dampen their spirits to fight impunity and oppression of the minorities.

GoBuyside Gives Companies the Talent They Need

GoBuyside works as a service company. They provide a service other companies use to make their business better. GoBuyside knew they wanted to work with high-profile companies from the beginning because they had a lot of time invested in working with big companies. They also knew what they were doing. By working only with high-profile clients, GoBuyside set itself up for a successful future. They knew how to make things better and what they needed to do to provide positive options for everyone they were in business with. It helped them show people how things would work and how their business could get better as a result of their dedication. Visit Ziprecruiter for career and employment opportunities at GoBuyside.

As GoBuyside worked hard, they found the right way to search for talent. The company knew the right talent would make a difference for all the different companies they worked with. Each company, no matter what sector it was in, should get talent that matched it. GoBuyside knew this and wanted to keep giving people the attention they needed for the jobs they had done in the past. By looking at the best talent, GoBuyside prepared to give companies just what they needed to grow their own business while also growing GoBuyside.

The point of hiring the best talent is to give companies a chance at a better future. Talent can make or break a business. People who are good at what they do will help a business more than what most others realize. There are many options people have when it comes to the businesses they work with. All the options they have lead up to them growing and getting better at what they do. Talent may still need some refining depending on the company they work with, but GoBuyside isn’t afraid to jump in and refine them. Follow GoBuyside on Facebook.

As long as GoBuyside is a part of the equation, they know they can help other people. They also know they will make a difference for those who are in need. For GoBuyside, this means they have to try different things. Even if they have to branch out and work with people they have never used in the past, GoBuyside can handle different situations. They make sure to always find talent that will actually help people. They also make sure everyone knows what they’re doing and how things will work for them the right way. Every opportunity they have for success goes back to their hard work.


Medical-Aesthetic Success & Dr. Jennifer L. Walden

The medical-aesthetics community has grown by leaps and bounds over the past decade, and this exclusive industry is raking in huge amounts of revenue. As more and more technology enters the frame, this industry will continue on its upward path. One of the top medical-aesthetics practices in the South is known as Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center & Laser Spa. This phenomenal facility offers a myriad of high-quality medical procedures. Whether it’s noninvasive, it’s invasive, or it’s minimally invasive, this facility can handle it all. Dr. Jennifer Walden is the woman of the hour, and she has taken over the game in a variety of ways. She is a people’s person who understands the demands of the industry. She also understands the needs of her patients.

Thanks to her extensive education in the subject at hand, Dr. Walden has become a key figure in this field of work. SmartGraft, Thermi Aesthetics, Cynosure and Lumenis have all named Walden as the spokesperson for their respected companies. Not only does Dr. Walden have the gift-of-gab, she has the expertise to backup all claims. It would be very hard trying to find another female plastic surgeon with this much passion. Dr. Walden also does a lot for this community. Thanks to her knowledge and know-how of laser techniques, she has become an industry spokesperson that travels to numerous conferences throughout the year. Dr. Walden has been recognized for various attributes such as:

  • Being a traveling professor for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
  • An award-winning author
  • Member of the Guardian Angel Society
  • Recognized as One of the Texas Super Doctors
  • And other accolades

All in all, Dr. Jennifer Walden is doing her part to better mankind. She has used her God-given talent to get to where she currently is today and that speaks volumes.


Meet Dr. Walden: The Texas Female Cosmetic Surgeon

It is essential to have a look that you feel proud of every day of your life. Everyone has their flaws, and there are two options for handling them, allowing them to affect you for the rest of your life or undergo cosmetic surgery and fix them. Many people are afraid of the latter for no valid reasons and live feeling inadequate for the rest of their life. Dr. Walden a cosmetic surgery advises the potential patients of the process to overcome their fears and get help.

Dr. Walden has been a cosmetic surgery for eight years. She says that there are very few women in the cosmetic world. She attributes the rarity of women in the field with the many years one has to study before becoming a certified cosmetic surgeon. She says that many women find this education a delay to getting hitched and childbearing, which many are not ready to delay. She also says that the culture in the field is tough and one has to keep proving their validity as a woman.

Dr. Walden says that out of the 8100 qualified surgeons in the state, only 810 are women. Out of the 810, only 180 of the female cosmetic surgeons are members of the leading cosmetic board of certified organization: American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and only a dozen of the 180 live in Texas.

As much as this may seem scary, it is not all bad and has some positives. Dr. Walden says that of the 91% patients who undergo augmentation are women. These women are not trying to look like a doll but to eliminate part of their body that is saggy and disturbing to keep fit. Some develop the changes after natural processes like childbirth. The patients feel it would be better to be attended by a fellow woman who understands the body changes.

Equities First Holdings- GC Report recap

In the lending industry, First Equity Holding has established a leading history. First Equity Holding is an alternative to traditional banks and other financial institutions that loan money. These low interest loans can be for anything from liquidation to expansion.

First Equity Holding began in the United States and has since expanded overseas. These loans are targeted toward high worth individuals and entrepreneurs. With these specialized loans, easy terms, and easy payback.

First Equity Holding is a private organization and is not affiliated with any government agency. The loans are usually based on the future projection of the bussiness. Risk evaluation are assessed in order to determine the likely hood of repayment.

In Pursuit of Greatness: Brown Modeling Agency

There is a plethora of modeling agencies in the United States as well as around the globe. Some of the brightest of names seem to be located in some of the biggest of cities like New York, Los Angeles, Milan and Paris. Ford Models, Elite Model Management, Next Model Management and IMG Models are some of the top agencies. Did you know that the city of Austin, Texas, has given birth to a potential top-level model agency? That’s right! This company is known as Brown Modeling Agency, and it is reshaping the modeling industry’s landscape for the better. Yes, Austin, Texas, is more of a mid-sized city, but it is loaded with talent. If you didn’t know, most of the biggest names in this industry didn’t come from a big city.

What makes Brown Agency so special? Well, to simply state it, this agency has talent that can perform in a wide variety of subjects. To break things down a bit more, this agency is considered to be a full-service agency, which caters to the modeling world as well as cater to the entertainment universe. Brown Modeling Agency has individuals that have “tore-up” the runways of many prominent stages. Fashion week in any city is considered to be the mecca of fashion for that moment in time. Of course, this agency has produced talent that has graced the stages of Dallas Fashion Week, of Miami Swim Week and of Austin Fashion Week. On top of that, these individuals have great ethics and know just how to conduct themselves in any case. A lot of this proper-etiquette training has come from the founder of the company. Justin Brown has built this company/agency from the ground-up, and he has instilled good ethical behavior in all of its members. Check out



Who has the agency worked with in terms of prominent names? Brown Modeling Agency has worked with the biggest of the big and has also worked with the brightest of the bright. This includes the popular brands Louis Vuitton, L’Oréal, Dell, Bing, HBO, TNT, Landshark Beer and others.




Academy of Art University Gives A Glimpse Of The Future At NYFW

When it comes to the world of high fashion, few events are as noteworthy as New York Fashion Week. This year’s runway display of models, fashion, and celebrities was no different, though it did offer something unique. Thanks to the Academy of Art University’s own School of Fashion, attendees were given a glimpse of what future generations will be wearing.

New York Fashion Week Showcases the Hottest Up and Coming Talent

There wasn’t a crystal ball on the runway to really give us a look at future fashions. Instead, that insight came in the form of outfits designed by some of the most promising School of Fashion students that the Academy of Art University has to offer. The university took advantage of the event to put on its 21st annual show, featuring the best work from its design students.

The event took place at Skylight Clarkson Square, showcasing the talents of 10 of the school’s recent MFA and BFA graduates. The former students were given the opportunity to present five menswear and two women’s wear outfits. The graduates also worked together on two collaborations. Speaking about the collections, Simon Ungless, who serves as Executive Director of the School of Fashion, said each ensemble had a style of its own. Even though there was a high degree of originality to be gleaned from the fashion show, Ungless added that the students worked well together to create the collection.

About the Academy of Art University

Founded in San Francisco in 1929 by Richard S. Stephens, the school was first called the Academy of Art College. While it was much smaller in its early years, today the facility has a student body of 12,600 individuals. The school employs 283 full-time instructors, as well as providing teaching opportunities for 1,154 part-time teachers.

Today, the Academy of Art University is the country’s largest and most successful private art and design university. The primary campus makes its home in the South Market District and is found on New Montgomery Street, making the institution the biggest property owner in the city of San Francisco. The school offers MFA and BFA degrees in 25 areas of interest.