Securus Technologies’ Efforts to Transform Communication in the Correctional Facilities

Securus Technologies is one of the oldest companies that provide communication solutions to the correctional facilities in the country. Other services that they offer include solutions for public safety, investigation assistance, and monitoring services. The company has come a long way in the provision of their services and have managed to change the correctional facilities from a dark place where everyone dreads to associate with to something more habitable for both the inmate and their loved ones.


The services that Securus offers to the friends and family of the incarcerated person include phone calls. The only thing the family needs to do is open an account, and they will be able to make a call to their loved one any time they need to. The company also allows the family to connect with their incarcerated loved one through video calls from the comfort of their home or office. The best thing about these services is that if your loved one is in a facility outside your state, you will enjoy the same state to state rates of $0.25 per minute.


Money transfer is another service offered by Securus. They are the most trusted vendor to take money to your family member within the correctional facility. In addition to money, they also assist you to send personal effects such as clothes, food stuff, and other allowed items and their rates are very affordable. The main aim of Securus is to make sure that the jail cell does not feel like this place where they are shunned from the world. To enjoy the money transfer services, you only need to download their app and set up an account.


Research has shown that inmates that receive a lot of support from their loved ones have an easier time getting rehabilitated and rejoining the society. Securus tries their best to help these people correct their behavior and adjust to life outside.

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