Securus Technologies: Teaming Up for Safety and Security

Combatting contraband in correctional facilities has always been a challenge. Securus Technologies has been able to develop technology that’s able to wipe out a huge problem in these institutions. Wireless Containment Systems are currently undergoing testing in many facilities. These devices detect and block illegal cellular devices from being used within the facilities, and nearby, such as in jailyards. The technology was a combined effort of both Securus and its new family members of JPay and GovPayNet. These companies have decades of experience in financial services to institutions. This is in addition to the telecommunications presence, Securus has had over the past three decades. Getting ahead of the curve to make correctional facilities safer and more pleasant has always been the focus of this innovative company.

Retired correctional facility employee Robert Johnson has experienced the detrimental effects of illegal communications to and from correctional facilities. He was in charge of confiscating the contraband as his position required. Upon the seizure of a high valued package belonging to a prison gang; he was made a target of the gang. A former inmate found out where Robert Johnson lived and shot him six times in his home. Although the retired officer will never fully recover, he was able to continue on with his life. He also managed to save his wife in the process, by blocking her from the range of gunfire. Robert Johnson now works with Securus Technologies in an effort to expedite the introduction of Wireless Containment Systems. He’s also a supporter of legislation that would require the devices to be present in all correctional facilities.

Although the Wireless Containment Systems have been a success to date, the project has not come without significant challenges. The FCC initially questioned the legality of the devices. Blocking or interfering with cellular signals is illegal, so Securus Technologies had to ensure the technology was fully compliant. It’s been reported as an “unofficial” number that the technology has successfully blocked over a million attempted communications. Other recent projects include selling tablet computers to inmates to enhance their educational opportunities while serving their sentence(s).

Connecting What Matters” seems to be more than just a tagline with Securus Technologies. While the company has certainly made a splash on the technological scene, it continues to remain, customer focused. Its popular services like calling plans, video visitation, and messaging services continue to keep loved ones in touch. The customer service team has also put up impressive numbers, with a 95 percent satisfaction rating. Recent BBB accreditation and a rating of “A+” have been just a couple of the recent achievements of Securus Technologies. Keeping everyone safe and secure, the company continues to develop new technology all the time. It will be interesting to see the newest innovation(s), and their benefit to the community as a whole.

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