Karl Heideck, When Brotherly Love Fails

Karl Heideck of Philadelphia, PA
Karl Heideck of Philadelphia, PA

A litigator is simply someone who brings or defends a lawsuit. There are several area that a litigator could work such as personal injury, real estate, or contracts. They could also work for law firms, government agencies or businesses. In order to be a litigator one must earn a bachelor’s degree, a Juris Doctor degree and then pass a state bar exam.

Litigation is the last stop in a dispute, necessary when all other avenues have been exhausted. First, a suit is filed and a summons is sent to the defendant. The two sides will try to reach a settlement out of court but if that is not possible it will go to trial. During the trial evidence and witness will be presented. Finally, a judge or jury will pass judgment.

Karl Heideck is a good example of a successful litigator. Heideck earned his bachelor’s degree in English and Literature at Swarthmore College. From there he completed his Juris Doctor, with honors, at Templeton University‚Äôs Beasley School of Law. His education in English has become invaluable for Heideck as it improved his ability to negotiate and settle disputes.

He currently serves the Philadelphia area having accumulating 10 years of experience in his home state of Pennsylvania. Heideck covers all areas of litigation both filing complaints as well as responding to complaints. He is a versatile attorney as well practicing different types of law that include family, business, real estate, criminal, and insurance. Karl Heideck, a rising star, is set to move into private practice in the near future.

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