The Technology Of NuoDB Cloud Database

The technology involved in the NuoDB cloud database splits data elements into software objects known as atoms. NuoDB database is created around the design of durable distributed cache, which also uses a collection of in-memory caches. The aim is to support the elasticity of the cloud-style and at the same time ensuring that data objects are safe and properly maintained. The collection of in-memory caches also supports MVCC (multi-version concurrency control), which helps with the data detection and resolution to access conflict. NuoDB technology also employs message-oriented computing methodologies and object-oriented elements. With NuoDB cloud database technology, the communication format is principally peer-to-peer asynchronous.
NuoDB was created in 2008 as NimbusDB. Currently, it is designed and marketed by NuoDB Inc., which is a software vendor. In 2013, the same software vendor released NuoDB cloud database of version 1.0, and it is on the verge of releasing version 2.0.3. NuoDB technology is also being used to develop a new cloud database that is suitable for modern applications. The cloud database is known as elastic SQL. The advantage of this particular database is that you can build it from scratch, which allows you to maintain a low cost when it comes to ownership. The ownership will have to align with the adopted application so that you do not sacrifice future growth.

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